The old man told us about the amusing incident.

Annie couldn't walk without a cane.

I haven't yet had an appointment with this accountant.

Let's get away from here.

What you need is, in a word, patience.

Rhonda will understand perfectly.

Why haven't you cleaned your room?

We liked the food, especially the fish.

Health is indispensable to a happy life.

We should follow her.

She twirled her hair.

Help me pull these weeds.

Ernst didn't have anything to worry about.

Next time you see her, give her my best wishes.

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I'm sure the two of you will agree.

Do you love each other to that extent?

Ask me again and I'll tell you the same thing.

Where has Norbert been hiding?

Since communism became obsolete and the dictatorship of the proletariat is out of date, capitalism proves to be the best so far, even though it itself is still a threat for humanity.

Bob's face is badly bruised.

In addition to a blocked nose, I'm also suffering from a high temperature.

Heat turns ice into water.

The teacher said, "Above all, what is necessary for success is perseverance."

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It's an African country, so you may think the climate is very hot.

I'm watching TV.

I suggested that to her.

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Unless you have good credit, buying a house is impossible.

I'm going to write Saqib a letter.

It's healthy for your body.

Everybody agrees.

There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.

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I think Joachim is a bit too impatient.

Miek is looking for an easy way to lose weight.

We've been discovered.

Derek stood behind me.

He is tired from overwork.

Henry sat at the bar.

We have to deal with this now.

Shh! Don't make a sound. We are playing hide-and-seek now. If you want to talk, go find somewhere else to hide.

Suffering to the guilty


Shirley is early.

Randall would never go there.

I thought Emily would agree with me.

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She made the doll for me.


When was Kelly hired?

I'll call her for you.

He wandered about the country.

They are actors.

Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam.


Wait, truce!

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What are you grinning at?

The house is in need of repair.

He has taken charge of his father's company.


Your sanity isn't in question.


Richard is a very good doctor.

His answer was in the negative.

We don't have enough money now, unfortunately.


Can you compute the distance of the moon from the earth?

I have to stop drinking.

Whoever wants to marry her must first convince her father.

We are all liable to make mistakes.

I thought that my girlfriend was normal, but she turned out to be a succubus!

Our class has increased in size.

I wish Avery had come to our party last night.

Wang Xiaoming speaks English, but doesn't have a lot of English books.

My grandparents died before I was born.


Why are you so nervous?

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I'm the one in charge of this group.

It's a pain in the neck to get there by public transportation.

Even after all my objections, she rode home.

I made the salad. Did you like it?

If you want to sit down, then go ahead and sit down.

Glynn knew he had to apologize.

I'm so happy, I feel like I could fly.


His fame was at its zenith at that time.

Give her time.

The pain will wear off.

For him, his principles were irrefutable.

We have a break from 10:40 to 11:00.

Would you please send me a catalogue by mail?

It wasn't until yesterday that I heard the news.

This place would fall apart without Farouk.

Many soldiers had a hard time coping with civilian life after the war.

This temple dates back to 780.

Get my rifle.

Bad driving and speeding cause accidents.

It's not a date.


Our store is open 24/7.

Though my house was in the path of the tornado it came through unscathed.

One of us has to do it.


Is there enough gravy?

Gideon almost always takes a bath before dinner.

That would be a wise decision.

I've never worked this hard before.

We still haven't found them.

There are still people who love eating native rice cakes.

Whose word processor is this?


I'm pleased with my new bathing suit.

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How much money do you have in your purse?

We're moving in the right direction.

Just as all kinds of communication methods are increasing, human relationships are becoming weak. A perfect case of mistaking means for ends.

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When was the last time you found money on the street?

He seems a kind man.

Will it bother you if I smoke?


You said Ramesh asked you to ask me something.

She really got on my nerves.

Corn starch is good for thickening soup.


It happened that the five Kings of Ireland met to determine who should have the head kingship over them, and King Lir of the Hill of the White Field expected surely he would be elected.


Since I started wearing glasses myself, I started liking the anime where the protagonists wear glasses.

We should drink 64 ounces of fluids a day.

Today's breakfast was dried mackerel and miso soup.

At this rate, the risk is high that our country's competitive position will drop even further.

I wish I could explain it better, but I can't.

The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part.

Nobody answered Pieter.

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I think it's best if I leave Margie alone.

The prisoner was found guilty.

Her baby lived for one day.

They had plans to be married.

Owen never told anyone.

The current federal policy prefers junk food to healthy food which we all need.

Vernon stole second base.

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I'm disgusted with my life and my self but I'm not unhappy about that.

He deserves to be beaten with a stick twenty-five times.

I would like to improve my French but I really have no time.

This is a very small book.

I really need the money.


Would you mind if I poured myself a cup of coffee?


I am going to school.


Teakwood naturally contains a highly water-resistant oil that protects the wood from insect attack and prevents rotting.

It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: the music is nothing if the audience is deaf.

Music is a common speech for humanity.

I guess there's no harm in telling you.

I was at a job interview.


Tell me why you're crying.

That can't be legal.

He complains about one thing or another all the time.

The abundance of amateur translations of Japanese manga on the Internet is a testament to its popularity outside the country.

When was the last time you voted?

Martyn isn't your name, is it?

I'd like to play tennis.

The entire city is in danger.

The ascendancy of monarchs is what keeps their subjects from rebellion.


You don't have to sit with Jagath.


That probably doesn't taste too bad.

I actually ended up walking all the way from Shinjuku Station to Jimbocho yesterday!

I want to attend.

Would you mind giving me a little help with some problems I'm having?

I would never kiss him.

Do you want the rest?

Lie on the couch.

List is picky.

It's common knowledge that the earth turns on its axis.

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She speaks loudly.


Marion lifted the box.

It may not come to that.

I'll tell you if I find anything.

An abacus is a tool used in counting.

The slave has his pride; he agrees to obey only the most vigorous despot.

Stop jumping on the bed.

Those children were being cared for by an aunt.


Marta dresses badly.

You've never been as busy as I am right now.

Not everyone agrees with that.


If something ridiculous occurs, then press down on the red button.